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Glogster- Poster Yourself

I have just learned about Glogster thanks to a tweet by @jenverschoor (thanks a lot Jen!). With this application you can create an online poster. You can mix graphics, photos, videos, music and text into slick Glogs.

The great thing is that now there is an edu-glosgter page. You are allowed to create up to 200 students accounts for free. If you are wondering why bothering to use Glogster, in their webpage they provide you with some reasons:

  1. A fun, imaginative, and powerful learning experience which fosters independent creative self expression, positive learner-teacher relationships, and teamwork on collaborative class projects.
  2. A vibrant, multi-sensory learning experience which integrates learner’s knowledge and skills into traditionally text-oriented subjects and motivates learner’s desire to explore topics in which they may previously have been less interested.

I think it is worth giving it a try. If you do, please share with us your experience. Maybe, we can also share ideas on how we can use it in our classes. Looking forward to your comments.


Twitter VS Facebook

I have been talking with @emapey about the differences between these two social networks and he has suggested me writing a post about this.  I am not very sure wether this is going to be useful for somebody or not, as they are just some ideas about how I use facebook and Twitter. I’m not going to give any recipes. This is just my humble opinion, but since he is usually right on his pieces of  advice and since it’s been a long time since I last wrote in my blog, I have decided to give it a try. I’m sure you are all familiar with facebook but if you don’t know what twitter is about you may want to have a look at this post: The English Language Teacher’s Guide To Twitter. I take the opportunity to strongly recommend you Karen’s blog. It’s great and full of thorough information.

Well, let’s go to the point:  differences between Facebook and Twitter…mmm

1) In Twitter I have professional contacts, people who I have known through the net in general. In Facebook I have my friends. The ones I know face to face. The people with whom I interact socially.

2) For that reason, in facebook I share my pics and things related to my personal life. I post funny links, pages and videos related to art, literature and things in connection with my personal likes. On the other hand, in Twitter I post things related to my profession and to the net itself.

3) In facebook I tend to write long messages and directed to a person in particular ( i.e. I leave messages in people’s walls). In Twitter I write short, impersonal and public messages.

Well, that’s all for today falks. Hope somebody finds this useful. What about you? What do you think about these two social networks? How do you use them?

Social Media

Hi and welcome you all to my blog. In this blog I will try to write about my impressions and experience with different social media tools and their application to teaching while I take part in the EVO08 and SMIELT08 (social media in English language teaching) course. But what is social media?

From my point of view, it has to do with sharing, connecting and learning from each other, which is exactly what we are doing in this course. There are many tools available on the net that help us to achieve this aim, that is to say they allow us to publish information and they give other people the possibility of modifying it. Some of them are wordpress, googlereader, delicious, etc. When you use these tools you stop being just a reader of websites and you start interacting with the information. You can modify, add information, share the webpages you’ve found useful with other users, among other things. I belive that we all benefit from using these tools because a network in which people help each other, share experiences and knowledge starts being formed.