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Images in Twitter?

I have already told you that I have become a twitter-addict in a certain way. In this short week I have spent there…Is it a week already? It must be less than a week, but taking into account the amount of information I have received, it seems as if I have been in Twitter for a whole year.

I have just received a message in Twitter from a person I’m following (Courosa) sharing a great link: . This application allows you to share pictures in Twitter. You just have to sign in, enter your Twitter account name and your password. Then, you write a short message and upload a picture. The message with a link to the picture will be sent to all your Twitter followers.

I have just tried it out (I’m also sabridv in twitxr. I’m not that original) and it worked well. The only thing you have to take into account is that when you write the message, make sure you write less than 100 characters. If not, in the Twitter message the link to the picture would be broken, because there is not enough space (remember that Twitter allows you to write only 140 characters). Have I been clear enough?

I don’t know what we can use this tool for, but I like it. If you have any ideas, why not sharing it with us in the comment section? Looking forward to your answers.


To Twit or not to Twit?

After a long time I have come back to real life. I have been away on holidays during January and it has taken me a great time to realise that my vacation time is over. Now, that I’m fully back I can start posting in my blog more often.

Today, I will talk about a very interesting and useful tool: Twitter. I have been told about Twitter long ago, but when I entered the page and saw that you have just got to answer the question “What are you doing?”; I thought “How useless”, closed the window and forgot about it.

However, the word Twitter started to appear quite often in my delicious network. Twitter, Twitter and Twitter everywhere. Everyone in the field of education and technology seemed to be giving it a try, and I could be no exception.

I have just been using Twitter for two days and I have to confess that I have become a Twitter-addict (does this word exist already?) Twitter is a great way of getting the latest news in the field that you are interested in. Apart from that, you can receive instant help from people around the world by just typing a questions.

I have tried it and it worked for me. I wanted to know how I can read and post to Twitter through Skype. I posted the question. One of my followers repeated the question and one of her followers provided me the answer after just a few minutes. Would you like to know the answer? Here it is. Very simple:

1) Add the contact twitter4skype to your skype

2) Send this message to the contact via chat:

account/ (shift+enter)

the name of your twitter account (shift+enter)

the password of your twitter account (shift+enter)

NOTE: Make sure that you send everything in the same message.

You should receive a message that reads twitter4skype registration complete. Now you can start receiving and posting Twitter messages.

I have realised that the key to Twitter is networking so if you are interested you can start following me. I’m sabridv in Twitter. See you there.

Social Media

Hi and welcome you all to my blog. In this blog I will try to write about my impressions and experience with different social media tools and their application to teaching while I take part in the EVO08 and SMIELT08 (social media in English language teaching) course. But what is social media?

From my point of view, it has to do with sharing, connecting and learning from each other, which is exactly what we are doing in this course. There are many tools available on the net that help us to achieve this aim, that is to say they allow us to publish information and they give other people the possibility of modifying it. Some of them are wordpress, googlereader, delicious, etc. When you use these tools you stop being just a reader of websites and you start interacting with the information. You can modify, add information, share the webpages you’ve found useful with other users, among other things. I belive that we all benefit from using these tools because a network in which people help each other, share experiences and knowledge starts being formed.