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My New Year Resolution: More Quality Comments

Reading @harrisonmike’s blog has made me realise that the end of the year is just around the corner. It is at this time, that we start reflecting on what happened this year and preparing our new year resolutions. (By the way, Mike has got a wonderful lesson plan on this topic here .) I believe that this was a wonderful year: I met many new people that became an important part of my PLN, I blogged more often and that helped me to improve the quality of my blog, I had wonderful students and made lots of projects and activities with them, I experimented a lot in my classes and reflected about it, and the most important of all, I had a lot of fun. I really enjoyed this year, but I want the next one to be even more productive. For that reason, my new year resolution is:

I will make it a habit to write lots of quality comments.

You may be wondering why I am giving it so much importance. Well,  being part of the commenting crew in  blog4edu has made me realise the importance of a good comment. We all know that:

A blog is fed by your comments

But, I have never reflected about that.  Comments are what separates a blog from a static website. As we write quality comments the conversation builds, and so does our relationship with the writer and the other people commenting. As a result, our PLN gets bigger and with stronger links. Apart from that, as links to other blogs and websites can be left in the comment section, we can also encounter new blogs to read, like-minded bloggers, and new post ideas.

This is the key issue to me. In the last period of time, I have started commenting more, and this has provided me with lots of ideas to develop further in my own blog. It has also happened to me, that when I sat down to write a post, I remembered that I had already left a comment about the topic in another blog. This has eased the writing as I had already written something about that, which could be adapted to be included in my new blog post. Apart from that, writing comments forces us to pay more attention to what we are reading and develop our own ideas further. Sometimes when  I decide to write a short  comment, I end up writing long and complex comments dealing with lots of issues, and I just don’t know how I got there. If I hadn’t decided to leave a comment in the first place, I wouldn’t have got to those conclusions.  To sum up, quality comments help us to become better bloggers and strengthen community links. As @datruss said on Twitter today:

  1. David Truss
    datruss My comment here: “I just love it when the comments enrich and even outshine the value of the original post!” #cpchat

this quote was brought to you by quoteurl

So in order to build a better sense of community and to continue learning together, I challenge you all to add this new year resolution to your own list. I can assure you that we will all benefit from that decision. But, if you still have doubts about what the characteristics of a quality comment are, I won’t leave you alone. Mrs Yollis’ classroom has some tips to get you started with it: