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Online Visual Dictionary

I have just come back from my holidays and surfing the net I stumble upon this wonderful new online dictionary. It is full of wonderful and very telling pictures.  Apart from that, the pictures are labelled with terminology in up to 6 languages. It is very useful for those moments in which we cannot match the words with images or the other way about.

If you are more interested in collocations than in images, I have also something for you: The Oxford Collocations Dictionary is online. It is worth giving it a look.

Hope you find it useful. Have to go and unpack. See you later!


Downloading efl/esl books!!!!!

Updated 28/03/08

I have published here a link to a Russian page where you could download lot of EFL/ESL material.  In the webpage there was a downloading agreement that reads:

Download Agreement

By agreeing to our Terms and Conditions, you are stating that you are downloading this material for familiarizing purposes only, and you agree to delete it afterwards and purchase the hard copy.

Because of this, I thougt it was legal and I saw no harm in downloading books for trial purposes before you actually buy them.  However, I have just received an email from the  author of one of the books which was available there for download asking me to delete  the link on the following grounds: “I’ve no doubt you thought that the ‘download agreement’ might make it OK, but the people who own the copyright for those materials (the publishers and authors) would have to agree as well, and they haven’t been asked.  I not only found links to my books there, but lots of other authors as well.” As I found it very reasonable I am editing this post now. Hope you can understand.