Dexter’s Routine. Video Lesson Plan

Are you a fan of Dexter series? Is it worth watching? I’ve never seen it. However, I’ve found two videos on You Tube that are just perfect for an activity revising present simple for routines. First, let’s watch the videos, and start racking your brains to see what we can do with them…

The first thing that got to my mind when I watched them was: collaborative viewing. I’m sure you all know this activity, but it’s sometimes good to revisit old activities. I thought that students could work in pairs. One is watching the first video, and the other one is with his back to the screen. The first one has to retell what’s going on in the video, while the other one takes down notes. The objective would be to write Dexter’s morning routine. Then, they exchange roles to watch the second video. This time they would write the girl’s night routine.

This was the first idea that came to my mind. However, I believe there are plenty more things we can do with these two videos, since they are so visual. Why not sharing your ideas? We’d all be very grateful…



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  1. It would be interesting to compare the notes of two different groups to see how closely they are the same or how much they are different. I think that would be a good lead in to how people see things differently from different perspectives which could account for many miscommunications. This would be a great activity for students!

  2. Hi pat! How’s your trip going? Yes, that’s an interesting topic to make students aware of! By the way, yesterday I was talking about that with my students from the class I’m planning to use this activity with, so these videos would be a good round-up of the topic. When this topic appears in my classes, I always give the example of a historical event being told by different participants. They all have a different story to tell, and nobody is lying (or at least we think so! =)) Kisses and hugs and thanks for passing by!

  3. Hi Sabrina, great little videos, your idea seems perfect, a running commentary of the action, then the other can watch and they can comment and elaborate together. It could take up a whole lesson!

  4. Hi David! Thanks for passing by! I used this activity today with my adults class and it worked really well. At the end, we watched the two videos again and try to find the similarities between the two. There are many. We learnt a lot of new pieces of vocabulary since they are beginner students.
    It really took up a whole lesson! A lot to talk about and discuss…

  5. That’s a great idea. The 2nd video doesn’t work though. What was in it? (maybe i can find it somewhere else).

    • Hi Ceri! What a pity the video is not there any longer. It was the girl’s routine. I’ll try to find it.

  6. Hello, I’ve found your blog through the site moviesegmentstoassessgrammargoals and I’m absolutely fascinated, congratulations for your work, I use your sites very often in my classes and I wanted to thank you!!


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