Who Is Going To Be The ISTEK ELT 2011 Roving Reporter? You Decide!

I’m trully honoured to have been selected as one of the top three roving reporter candidates in such great company. Anna Varna and  Mark Andrews are the other candidates.

The ISTEK ELT 2011 Roving Reporter will be chosen by your votes so please watch the videos and vote for your favorite roving reporter candidate. The poll will be closed on 6, March 2011 at 23:59 pm and the result will be announced the next day.

Here is the video I presented to the competition and I would be more than glad if you help me get there with your vote:


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  1. Good luck Sabrina! (It was so great watching you and hearing your voice!)

  2. Done, voted. (For you).

  3. Thank you David! I would love to go and meet lots of the people from my PLN face to face. Thanks for your support.

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