As you all may know by now, with my 5º grade students we are doing a project on animals. We are currently working on animal adaptations and after playing a quiz on the topic in class I have asked them to prepare their own quizzes. The results were great. You can see their creations here.They were fascinated to see the final results. If you would like to do something similar with your students, I can share with you the tutorial I’ve left them in our class blog:

1) Enter the page and write your quiz title (Try to be original!) and click on Create my Quiz

2) Click on Continue

3) Login by entering a USERNAME and PASSWORD

4) Click on Multiple Choice

5) Write in the Tag box: Animals

6) Enter the question, the different options and click next to the correct option. It should look like this:

8 ) Click on Multiple Choice again until you finish writing all your questions.

9) Select the category K12 education

10) Click on Create Quiz and that’s it! Your quizz is created!

Hope you’ve found it useful! If you had, why not sharing other ways of using this quizz creator?


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