Baam Game

A long time ago, I’ve seen this game in Ddeubel’s ning: ESL Classroom 2.0 and I’ve totally forgotten about it for a very looooong time. Yesterday, I was trying to find a fun activity to do with my secondary school students about a play we are seeing on Tuesday and this game came back to my mind. The idea is very simple, but I think it is a game that really motivates students to take part. This is mainly because winning the game isn’t related to the students’ competence in the language, but with LUCK!

The game’s rules:

1.   Decide which team goes first.

2.   Appoint a scorekeeper.

3.   Teams answer correctly and earn money. If a team is correct, they can continue until max. 3 times or until they get BAAM!

4.   If a team hits BAAM! they go bankrupt!

5.   The team with the most money at the end is the winner.
In ddeubel’s ning you will find the templates to make your own games. However, here I’m adding my own two versions of the game.One is about countries and nationalities  and the second one is a revision of  “jobs” vocabulary.
Hope you find them useful! If you use the template to create your own game,  DO share it with us.

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  1. Sabrina,

    Thanks for letting other teachers know about BAAM! I actually came up with it after an online discussion where teachers complained about games discouraging lower level students who just tuned out. Sometimes, simple is best…

    I hope once I get settled in, in Canada, I’ll come up with some more games that I have in the back of my head. But teachers will find more in our ppt games of EFL Classroom.

    Glad your students enjoyed it. I’ll also add – if you can get students creating the games, then you really are taking it to a top level. I always try to get teachers to think of having their students create the games. They really get into it then.


    • Hi David,
      Thank you for your wonderful creations and now that you are not in the classroom we are all expecting loads of games and material! =) And of the best quality, we have got used to it. LOL Just a joke. I would like to thank you for all the hard work and for having eased our work.
      Yes, you are totally right. It would be just great to get the students to create their own games. My own students are so used to playing baam, that I’m sure they’ll come up with wonderful versions of it. It usually happens to me, that when I bring a game to the classroom and ask my students to play in groups, when I am monitoring the different groups I realise most of them have changed the rules and altered the game in a way that suit them. My students are becoming too accustomed to student-centred tailored classes. LOL.

  2. Yes, once students get some control (and responsibility), it can’t be turned back….!

    Isn’t it wonderful when students make their own rules! I love that – something Piaget wrote about too. One teacher training thing I’ve done often is to just give teachers in groups a pile of flashcards. Then I ask them to make a game. Then teach other groups snowball fashion. Many teachers see how they can do this with their own students too, give them more “control” over the learning experience.

    I still have some online classrooms this year but will keep “creating” – I find it infinitely satisfying to take an idea and then make a thing and finally, to see that used by others for their own ends. I’m going to work hard this year so that I can start my own school somewhere far away and help those who really need it. My goal. Still find educating very satisfying, online or off.

  3. Great David! Let me know if I can be of help with your new school. I’m sure it would be an excellent project and very rewarding for you!

  4. Thanks for David and Sabrina!

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