Ask me anything!

Just out of curiosity I have started trying out Basically it is a new social network that allows people to ask you questions. What type of questions? Any type. Then, you can decide whether to answer them or not.

I started wondering about the uses we may give to it. First, I thought about the most obvious one: how-to-make-questions practice in an EFL classroom. Secondly, I thought about my blog. It may become a very useful tool for direct communication between blog-readers and blog-authors. I’m still thinking about all of this. I have just started using it, so I believe that as time goes by, we’ll see the results. I invite you all to leave your questions about me in: . I’ll be glad to answer them.


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  1. cynicalsamaritan

    Looks interesting. I’m trying to figure out a few ways to use this in my English classes. Thanks for the link.

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