How to make worksheets in a flash!

As we all know the best way of  improving our or our learners’ vocabulary is through fun activities. And if these activities required less than 5 minutes preparation even better.  So here I will introduce you to “a dream come true”:  Vocabulary Worksheet Factory. Many thanks to my friend Ceci who told me about it.


Vocabulary Worksheet Factory includes a database with loads of activity templates such as crosswords, anagrams, word soups, and so on and so forth. You can personalise the worksheets and create your own wordlists for each of your classes. Finally, you can print it with just one click. It is an excellent tool and you can get it for free in or download it from this rapidshare link. Hope you find it useful!


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  1. Hey Sabrina. I loved your site. I’ll come back for more. See you.

    • Thank you Claudio! I really loved yours. I’ll write a post soon about your wonderful work. Thanks for passing by!

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