How to Share Files in Twitter!!!!

Don’t think that it is something complicated. In fact, sharing your pics, word documents, power point presentations and others with your Twitter friends is at one-click distance. It is extremely easy with this new application: Tweet Cube. “Tweetcube allows you to share files on Twitter. Blast out your images, videos, music and more with just a couple of clicks.” Apart from that, it is 100% FREE!!! The only drawback is that you can currently upload only 10 mb. However, you can upload as many files as you want. Take into account that the files will be deleted after 30 days. Hope you enjoy it. And remember, if you want to start following me, I’m sabridv at Twitter.


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  1. Thanks for the information!!

  2. You are welcome Lore!!!

  3. Glad you liked it EFL Geek!!!!

  4. Thanks for the info. That broadens Twitter’s usefulness. I’ve been thinking about using it as a teaching tool, maybe asking my upper-level students to join and post at least one message per day. If I could send documents prior a lesson, that would help, too. Thanks!

  5. That’s a great idea Chris!!! If you do it, please share your experience. I love your site. I have used plenty of your lessons. Keep up the good work! Thanks for sharing all those great lesson plans!!!

  6. Thanks for the positive comments and the encouragement. The site takes a lot of time, but it’s fun to do, something I’m sure you can relate to here. I’m just now starting to go through all your blog entries. You have a lot of excellent ideas here!!

  7. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Babar!

  8. Sorry to hear that Babar. Was there anything you didn’t understand? Can I help you?
    Glad you liked the blog!

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