Let’s Celebrate Bono’s Birthday in the Classroom!

Today is Bono’s birthday, so let’s take this opportunity to bring a bit of music into the classroom. I have prepared some activities for the song Bono has dedicated to his father: “Sometimes you can’t Make it on your Own”. You will find activities for teaching vocabulary, listening comprehension and grammar (don’t have to vs. mustn’t). Download the file, play the video from You Tube and that’s it.

A great fun lesson to enjoy with your students. Don’t forget to tell us how it works and if you have any other idea : SHARE IT WITH US

PDF File: You_can\’t_make_it_on_your_own


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  1. Love your ideas!!I´m a teacher too and U2´s songs are always present as they really have context to work with!!!

  2. Glad you liked it Mysterious Ways!!! I agree with you U2’s songs are great starters for discussions.

  3. Great idea!
    Here is a link to another U2 lesson plan that I have used.
    Let’s keep sharing!

  4. Thank you for the link Mary!!!! That’s the spirit of web 2.0 sharing and learning from each other

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