Lesson Plans Based on You Tube Videos

Talking about films, I would like to share with you a wonderful resource I have just found surfing the net: TEFL Clips. It is an excellent and very useful blog in which you will find a lesson plan per week based on a You Tube video. I believe that You Tube has opened up tons of possibilities for TEFL. We are able to expose our students to real English with material that is fun and attractive. So why not cut down on the amount of time we spend planning and use the lesson plans available here? Share with us your opinion about the site and what you do with You Tube videos in your classes.


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  1. Thanks for the link. I’ve previously written about youtube and ESL, keeping youtube on your harddrive, and bubbleply (modify youtube) on my blog.

    I’m subscribing to your RSS now.

  2. Thanks EFL Geek I already have you in my reader. I really love your blog.

  3. Hi Sabrina
    I went to theTEFL clips site last week and used one of the clips in a lesson which I based on the phrase: ‘What happens next?
    The clip they had was the one of an Inuit fisherman sitting at the classic hole in the ice when hs fishing rod starts to twitch shortly after which a whale bursts through the ice.

    The syudents, who are Nepalese, and don’t have a coastline back home, loved it and lots of discussion and laughter ensued.

    Then, using a picture of a man and his daughter attempting to nail a picture on the wall, the students answered questions with T / F answers in the text followed by the question.:’What happened next?’ Ideas were recorded on the board and then the next picture was revealed…the pipe bursting after having been pierced by the nail and squirting water all over the man in the picture, the girl and their cat.More questions were posed for discussion with simple T / FNot Enough Evidence answers.Finally, the students were once again asked ‘What happened next?’ and ere given the task as homework.

    It was an enjoyable lesson which stimulated the students – thanks in part to that You Tube clip.The other material was from a book called ‘Headworks’ and it tied in perfectly.


  4. Peter! Thanks for sharing this wonderful experience. It’s really great when students enjoy our classes. I’m sure it must have been very rewarding to see your students laughing and having great fun in the class. Congratulations on such a succesful lesson.

  5. Patricia Dudulec

    Thanks a lot for the hint! As soon as I have some free time, I’ll search it. thanks a lot! You know I love working with films in my class!!

  6. Great note, thanks for help.

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