International Women’s Day

As you all probably know 8th March is the International Women’s Day so why not take the chance and reflect with our students on the roles of men and women in our society. I have found a very interesting video in You Tube to work with my students.

But first, let’s do a bit of history. If you go to this page you will find a great lesson plan based on this topic. There are two different reading sections; the first talks of why we have Women’s Day and the second how the day came about.

I have decided to use this day as an excuse to deal with a topic I wanted to discuss with my upper intermediate course: “The Images of Women and Sex Roles in Advertisements”. I have found a great presentation in You Tube to show them:

After watching the video they can discuss about:
What were the people in the ads like? What kind of men did you see? What kind of women? What were they doing? How were they dressed? What emotions were shown by whom?
What is the difference between the way men and women are seen in advertisements? How realistic are (either of) these images? How have ads changed over the years? What does this reflect? What kind of image do you think the advertisers have of women?

If you have any other idea on what to do on this day, don’t hesitate to share it with us. If you use this lesson plan or modify it to adapt it to your class, share your teaching experience with us we can all learn form each other.


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  1. Hi Sabrina,
    Good theme for discussion. You may find additional material on the Canadian Media Awareness net.
    Check out this link:

  2. Thanks Bee! There is a lot of material there. Thanks a lot for sharing!

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