Monthly Archives: January 2008

Social Media

Hi and welcome you all to my blog. In this blog I will try to write about my impressions and experience with different social media tools and their application to teaching while I take part in the EVO08 and SMIELT08 (social media in English language teaching) course. But what is social media?

From my point of view, it has to do with sharing, connecting and learning from each other, which is exactly what we are doing in this course. There are many tools available on the net that help us to achieve this aim, that is to say they allow us to publish information and they give other people the possibility of modifying it. Some of them are wordpress, googlereader, delicious, etc. When you use these tools you stop being just a reader of websites and you start interacting with the information. You can modify, add information, share the webpages you’ve found useful with other users, among other things. I belive that we all benefit from using these tools because a network in which people help each other, share experiences and knowledge starts being formed.